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"Thanks for the site and special thanks to John! This site gives the forex advise I've ever seen. I never thought this could actually work but I'm thankful that it did. Hell I'll recommend this over any paid service online."
James Contis. USA

"I want to thank you for helping me as a trader. I've learned a lot working with you, being able to learn while building my account has been a huge benefit. I've never had a signal service pay for its self or guarantee me pips or I don't pay. Forex trading can be an emotional roller coaster, but trading with you who has experience and is profitable eases the nerves and opens the mind to learn. Keep up the good work."
Francesc Fabregas. Spain

"Smartforexsignal is the first signal service I've subscribed to that actually works and that I consistently make money with."
Peter Dawson. Ireland

I simply love your signals because they have made me Rich! After 3 months of work with you guys I have bought a 1 year subscription (Thanks to your new year offer - great discount :)
Rebecca Keen. USA

"Since I subscribed to the signals (almost 6 months from now), I have generated US$ 11,890.55 in profits. I'm so happy and satisfied with my results that this year I will invest much more"
Lewis Cadger Nicholas. UK

"Thank you for your insight. ... I love your investment philosophy. And I appreciate the nice profits you have brought to me so far"
Marine Grenier. France

"Bulls eye --- very good Mathematics I am keen to receive your signals ... pls note your mathematical principle are good"
Aiina Rinjani. Indonesia

"We subscribed to Smartforexsignal for a few months ago and we have to say that we are very satisfied with style, results and quick response for any questions and problems. We consider this service an important part of our trading portfolio and looking forward to years ahead."
David and Josefin Mortensen. Sweden

"I really wanted to extend my gratitude to you for your trade signals which have brought my family and I great financial success. Your company and track record are just fantastic. Please keep it up."
Shane Harris. Australia

"I really appreciate your straightforward trade signal service. It takes the responsibility of analyzing off my back and leaves it with you pros - perfect! The signals come very clearly stated - exactly as I enter them into the mt4. There is no guesswork - I enter my trades, set my stops and limits and I'm all set. The system couldn't be simpler and it works as advertised!"
Johnathan Rosenburg. Germany

"I want to express my heartfelt thanks for your excellent service. You deliver exactly what you say you will in a timely and very easy to understand manner. My membership is only 3 months old and already I have enjoyed the best success I have ever had with Forex."
Sergey Borzov. Russia

"One of the best decisions I had ever made. At first, I was skeptical as I've had read bad things at various forums regarding signal providers but decided to try it out with your tour service. I thank you guys for all the gains I have made over the months I have received your signals."
Keith Parish. Canada

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You don't have to be an experienced trader to make thousands of dollars a month in the Forex market. All you need to have is a source of good information that helps you place money on the right currency. This is what we provide! Our recommendations are passed down from professional full time Forex traders with years of experience trading currencies the chances of these people going wrong are pretty low.

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Development of own profitable, stable, viable trading system may take several years. Normally, this process faces some dangers. Plus add to that the fact that you are going to make some big mistakes on your way which means that you will lose lots of money. Often, these mistakes devastate the account, and injure the incentives of the beginner so much, that he gives up his work with Forex and makes no further tries. This unfortunately happens to the 90 % of traders. Our signals will help you avoid this huge mistake.

By no way do we suggest that you should think of this as the ultimate system but if you are looking for a system that gives you constant results even in the form of small profits then our is the right system. If you have had losses in the past our system can help you cover them and then later turn bigger profits.

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The Forex market opens unlimited possibilities, allows you to increase your capital infinitely, to gain independence, and freedom. One should to understand that the market likes diversification. Never stick to one trading system and trading pair. It is crucial to divide the risks. Combine that with our trading system and you should have a rock solid system.

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Now trade entries can be placed directly to your MT4 platform where our trades enter. So, no more worrying about missed trades, or incorrect entries, or having to stay at your desk waiting for the signals.

Our EA copier will allow you to copy trades from our live MT4 trading account to your trading account automatically.

- Individual trade on the basis of professional solutions, regardless of your experience.

- Full support of each trade: from the position opening, installation/shift of orders, to the profit fixing.

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- An opportunity to overcome the mentally difficult moment of decision-making.

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Trading signals take advantage from everyone to some extent. Whether it is the leading world agencies' analytic data, or signals of indicators, or discussions at forums, etc. We offer you the signals of a proved system which is already gaining profit for us and our subscribers.

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